Prevost Memorial Hospital Laboratory Statement

  • Specimen collection and testing requires a physician/provider’s request for testing to be performed. Specimen collection will NOT be performed without a proper test request from a provider submitted to the laboratory.
  • Result(s) will be forwarded to the ordering provider upon completion. It is the responsibility of the provider to notify patients with result(s) and interpretation of result(s).

COVID-19 testing services offered

  • Rapid COVID-19, NAA (Abbott ID NOW) – Performed In-house at Prevost Memorial Hospital Laboratory (results within one hour to ordering physician/providedr). **In the event of supply shortages, rapid testing may not be available.

Download Now – EUA Abbott ID Now Patient Info

  • COVID-19, PCR testing – Specimen(s) are sent to Reference Laboratory for testing (normally allow for 2-4 days for results).