Hospital and Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Including Board Education, 3-Year Strategic Planning, Implementation Strategy, Development, Education and Execution

Request for Proposals (RFP):


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West Ascension Parish Hospital Service District, d/b/a Prevost Memorial Hospital (The Hospital) seeks a subcontractor to provide Hospital and Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) services to include Health Service District Board Education, 3-year strategic planning and program needs assessment.


The Hospital is a nonprofit organization dedicated to treating, sustaining and improving health care in a rural community. The Hospital provides emergency department, inpatient and outpatient services, social services, dietary, assistance, information, tools and resources for the improvement of rural health care.

It serves as a Critical Access Hospital and strives to improve health outcomes, quality of care, accessibility to physicians and specialists. The Center operates at a $2.9 million annual budget.

As the community’s only licensed hospital with inpatient beds, The Hospital focuses on five core areas:

  • Providing Core Health Care for a large rural region
  • Transition to Value and Population Health
  • Collaboration and Partnership with Providers and Health Systems
  • Performance Improvement
  • Workforce Development


This CHNA Project allows The Hospital to assist in developing action plans to improve health in their area. The Hospital works with multiple communities locally to provide care.

The Project should include the following:

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

  • Shared ownership for community health (panelist of stakeholders in the community)
  • Defining community – jurisdictional issues (key providers and development strategy)
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Community engagement


Implementation Strategy Development, Education and Execution

  • Priority setting (two sessions with Board)
  • Strategic Planning (3-5 years to include using CHNA to set Mission/Vision of The Hospital)
  • Alignment opportunities
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Institutional oversight (Board, Executive, Providers and Key Stakeholders)
  • Shared accountability and governance
  • Strategic investment and funding patterns
  • Public reporting (two sessions with the community)
SCOPE OF WORK: The Hospital is seeking a vendor to provide survey services for conducting CHNAs through our organization and community.

    1. The Hospital’s CHNA services are conducted on an ongoing basis and do not have a maximum or minimum number of CHNA services delivered in a calendar year. The Hospital requests the vendor to be ready and able to respond at any time to generate a survey template and collect and report data findings.

    2. The Hospital historically has used mail-only surveys to collect community-specific data from a representative sample. The Hospital desires to combine the mail surveys with online and in-person community focus groups. The Hospital process for deploying CHNA surveys include:

      • The vendor survey via MS Word document to format the survey into an optical scan template.
      • 3-5-day turn-around
      • All surveys will be multiple pages in length
      • The Hospital edits survey proof #1 and sends to vendor to create proof #2.
      • 3-5-day turn-around
      • The Hospital/community customer edits survey proof #2 and sends to vendor to create proof #3 (final proof).
      • 3-5-day turn-around
      • The Hospital sends final proof to hospital/community customer to sign off on. Additional edits from the customer may be requested. If this happens, The Center sends final edits to vendor to create another final proof.
      • Vendor transfers final electronic file of survey proof to The Hospital and makes an electronic version available to post for responses.

    3. Vendor receives completed surveys (six weeks after being mailed via US Postal Service to the survey sample area).

      • Vendor reports weekly to The Center the response rate of received, completed surveys during the six-week period in which the survey is in the field for response. If needed, the survey response period may be extended, as determined by The Center and its customer. If so, the vendor will continue to monitor the weekly response rate and report to The Center. The Center will maintain communication with the customer to determine undeliverable mailings to calculate the true overall response rate.

    4. Vendor provides data entry (e.g. scanning), including transcription, documentation, and categorization methods of open-ended questions.

      • Vendor utilizes quality assurance procedures and data management procedures.
      • Vendor has documented procedures for identifying and reporting errors.

    5. Vendor compiles all survey responses into data reports (Excel File). If requested by The Hospital, the vendor provides analysis of cross-tabular data for identifiers.

    6. Vendor identifies community focus groups and hosts in-person sessions for feedback.

    7. Vendor transfers data files to The Hospital including all survey copies and session feedback in a cohesive report to include all opportunities and data analysis.

Additional Printing/Mailing Scope of Work (optional):

      • Vendor prints a set number of surveys, as determined by The Hospital and its customers.
      • The number of surveys depends on the number of individuals in the zip codes of the targeted sample area
      • The number of surveys varies from 650 – 800 surveys, though is most often 800 surveys
      • Surveys are printed front and back in black and white on 8.5” x 11” paper
      • Vendor prints in color the same number of cover letters on hospital/community letterhead
      • The vendor provides envelopes that are labeled with hospital/community return mailing address
      • The vendor provides postage paid envelopes for participants to use to return the survey to the vendor
      • The Hospital works with the vendor to provide postal mailing addresses
      • The vendor stuffs and addresses envelopes using the provided mailing addresses. The vendor mails the envelopes using the US Postal Service direct first-class mail.

Service direct first-class mail at the interval instructed by The Hospital (normally two weeks prior to survey due date).

8. Implementation Strategy Development, Education and Execution

      • The vendor works to create Priority setting sessions (two sessions with Board)
      • The vendor hosts and leads the Strategic Planning sessions
        • (3-5 years to include CHNA to set Mission/Vision of the Hospital)
      • The vendor hosts a panel to examine opportunities for The Hospital to engage in community health improvement for alignment with priorities in the implementation of national health reform. (Alignment opportunities)
      • The vendor includes in the panels a strengths and weaknesses assessment in the current monitoring and evaluation of community health improvement activities, considered audiences and the implications for the selection of metrics, the potential roles of community members, and innovative ways to monitor progress in addressing health disparities. (Monitoring and evaluation.)
      • The Vendor Panels should focus primarily on what internal mechanisms are needed for optimal engagement of The Hospital and local public health agencies in community health improvement. Institutional oversight (Board, Executive, Providers and Key Stakeholders)
      • The vendor should assist in examining the potential benefits of regional partnerships between hospitals, local public health agencies and other stakeholders, considering existing mechanisms for local and regional accountability. (Shared accountability and governance)
      • The vendor should include a review of facilitating a more strategic approach to community health improvement, and considered options for public, private and grant funding, developments that support and sustain comprehensive approaches to healthcare and sustainability and strategic investment and funding patterns.
      • The vendor should assist in hosting two public reporting sessions (two sessions with the community) which should include how to move from an emphasis on The Hospital’s compliance with minimum standards to meaningful actions that transform the entire scope of wellness and healthcare in the community and produce measurable health improvement in the community.


Proposers should address the content and sections presented below in a narrative format.  Information should be as concise and direct as possible.  Any supporting documentation submitted in conjunction with the proposal should be directly related to one or more of the content sections.

  • Submit one electronic copy of the proposal
  • Limit the proposal to 10 pages or less (not including attachments)
  • For ease of reading, use single spacing, 1-inch margins and 11-point font size.
  • Must contain a cover letter, experience and qualifications, the approach and fee structures.
  • The cover letter should include:
    • Name – legal name of the company or individual
    • Address – provide your agency or organization’s main office address
    • Email address – of agency/individual submitting RFP
    • Contact – provide name, phone number and email of who will serve as contact for this proposal
    • A statement that the proposal remains valid for at least 90 days
    • A declaration of any conflict of interest and if so, the nature of the conflict
    • The complete contact information for the person responsible for submitting the proposal
    • The signature of a company officer or individual who can bind the proposer to the provisions of the RFP and any agreements awarded pursuant to it.


Experience and Qualifications:

  • A brief descriptive statement indicating the proposer’s credentials to be delivered under this RFP
  • A brief description of the proposer’s background and organizational history
  • Number of years in business as consultant
  • Location of offices
  • A listing of key personnel who will be assigned to this contract if awarded, including resumes
  • Three references from clients for whom you have performed similar work: including contact name, company name, address, telephone number and email address
  • A brief description of the proposer’s plan for working with The Hospital to ensure maximum implementation of The Center’s goals and objectives
  • Attest that organization and employees that will work on this project are not debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by the Federal government and consents to a search of the Excluded Parties List System (FAR 9.404) to verify the contractors written acknowledgement that the contractor, or its principals, is not debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by the Federal Government (FAR 52.209-6).


Approach and Cost:

The proposer will describe plans and the approach for accomplishing the services requested.  The information provided should be in enough detail to enable The Hospital to determine whether the proposer understands the effort to be accomplished.  It should outline the steps for services to be provided, including a narrative entitled “Approach” that clearly illustrates how the proposer will complete the scope and services indicated in the RFP and include a budgetary estimate to implement the approach. Questions regarding this RFP may be directed to Jessica Soileau Canning by email to

Small Businesses, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned, Minority Owned or Woman Owned Small Business are encouraged to respond.

Submit proposals to Jessica Soileau Canning at